Welcome to inBio.biz our online magazine covering the Bioeconomy sector especially Bioenergy. inBio.biz has for the moment three sister sites:

  • conBio.info focused in issues with impact on the bioeconomy field. It can be reports about politics and the development in other areas like nuclear and coal.
  • business.conBio.info is focused on bioenergy and close by topics in the bioeconomy field. We present company and product news and also include a directory.
  • novator.se is written mostly in Swedish and has a focus on Nordic Bioenergy and Bioeconomy news.

All sites are produced by Lennart Ljungblom and Novator HB. Home location is in Gustavsberg, outside Stockholm. Best way to reach us is by email.

Disclaimer: Of course we try to check everything we publish in all our ability, based on + 35 years of experience in the business. However we can not guarantee that we do not make mistakes or misjudgements. We can therefore not take any responsibility for any actions based upon information found in our web pages or with us related activities. Our recommendations is to use our information, as one of several input before you take an important decision. If you find anything that is not correct or well balanced, please let us know. Use the email noted above.

Our creative illustration for the family of Novator sites
Our creative illustration for the family of Novator sites