Heat and Power

Pellets arriving with ship to Dong Energy CHP plant Studstrup in Aarhus

Denmark: No coal no more – Dong Energy has started pellets firing in Studstrup

No coal no more - Dong energy has started pellets firing in Studstrup CHP plant One of the biggest biomass-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) stations in the world is now located in Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus. The Studstrup Power

Alabama Black Pellets Brings Heat and Power to Paris

American steam exploded wood pellets, black pellets, replace coal for heat and power in Paris. /inbio.biz/Lennart ljungblom/2016-08-30/ The steam exploded pellets, branded black pellets, are produced in Selma Alabama and shipped from Mobile to Port of Rouen and transported by train to the coal

Fuels for vehicles

Climate profit when also palm oil residue PFAD is used as biofuel

FATTY ACID RESIDUES FROM THE PALM OIL REFINING PROCESS FINDS A MARKET. The palm oil tree is the world most efficient oil producing crop. Its main products are used for food, feed, chemistry and energy. India, China and Europe are the


SCA ersätter olja med 90 000 ton pellets

inbio.biz / 2016-04-07 / Lennart Ljungblom Kraftfull koldioxidminskning och sänkta kostnader när SCA ersätter olja med 90 000 ton pellets Det stora skogs- och hygienföretaget SCA har på senare år investerat stort i sina norrländska bruk, inte minst när det gäller att